Latest Love Glossary From Benching To Ghosting!

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There are terms like sugar, honey, babe which survive while there are the other ones like ‘necking’ that die out!

For youngsters today, it is very important to name things. The latest love glossary is full of negative terms and it proves a fact that all the positive emotions have already been named. Today we have terms like ghosting, breadcrumbing, zombie-ing and so on.

Not yet aware of these? You might be zombie-ied without you knowing! Find out the meaning here:

1. Benching:


You go on date with someone but you do not feel any spark or firework, so you ‘bench’ them for a while and keep looking for more options and if you do not find a better option, you keep them off bench till you find what you are looking for!

2. Breadcrumbing:


When you are trying to lure your sexual partner without doing too much by sending flirtatious text messages. It is also called ‘Hansel-and-Gratelling’ like the fairy tale. So you know that they will not lead anywhere but can work for you for the time being.

3. Catfishing:


Where you use a fake information about you or you lure someone into a relationship with you by pretending to be someone else or being fake! Sometimes, catfishing is pretty obvious but many times it can be very convincing too.

4. Cushioning:


You like a girl but she is already in a relationship, so you flirt with her innocently, keep texting her regularly, give a cute nickname and tag her is a cute picture, basically, you are bidding your time. And when her relationship breaks, you are her cushion to save her from the fall!

5. Draking:


Named after the rapper Drake who always was sad because of his relationship. This is the habit of always carrying a sad pout for not being happy in your relationship. Your every selfie, every post and basically everything about you says that you are not happy in your relationship. People find it very annoying and irritating!

6. Haunting:


The person who ghosted(vanishing abruptly from life without even a simple text) you are now suddenly back in your life. Not coming back with a full force but with subtle ways, like with some activity on your social media account. They might have come back because they have unresolved feelings for you or because of some other motive.

7. Love-bombing:


When you started your relationship, it was all love, roses, and heart with big declarations and connections of past and future but that phase has passed and the bomb has ticked0off, so not it is time to get out of it! Now the person has turned moody and controlling and you have lost interest in it.

8. Zombie-ing:


When the person who had ghosted you has come back just after you got over the hurt. Why have they come back after so long? Will you be staying away from them or get sucj=ked into the whole cycle again?

So these were the few terms, let us know which ones clicked for you!


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