Texts That You Should Never Send To A Guy

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Texting can be really fun when you are doing it with someone special, the thrill of waiting for his reply and that skip in your heartbeat when the notification pops up or even the anticipation of his reply as soon as you hit the send button. It is all so crazy but amidst this fun, you should not forget to read the message you are sending. Think before you hit the send button. Some things are better left unsaid while some must only be said in person.

So here are a few text messages that you should not send your boo:

1. “Why are you not replying? Are you ignoring me?”

No, this is a big no, you do not want to sound needy or clingy at all. Guys hate clinginess and you might do some serious damage with this one!


2. “I Love You”

If it is your first time saying it to each other then you do not want to say it over a text message. You want to say it face to face so you know how the other one feels!


3. “Do you like me? How Much?”

Of course, he likes you and being honest, it is better if you let his actions tell you how much he does, not ask him verbally.


4. “We need to talk”

If you want to send him into a panic mode and may be scare him off, then sure, go ahead! But if you are serious and wanna talk some thing important then do not, I repeat DO NOT send this text to him, he will definitely have a heart attack by the time you both have that ‘talk’.


5. Your girl drama

You telling him a short version of your fight with your friend is fine but texting him the details of every minute can be a deal breaker.


6. “It’s Over”

You simply kind find the worst way to break things up than doing it over a text!


7. No picture with face while sexting

It is one thing to trust each other and it is another thing to take risks. You do not want to send any image with your face in it while you are sexting. Even the networks and apps are not that trustable.


8. Drunk texts

These are the biggest mistakes you do. For God’s sake hide your phone when you plan on getting drunk.



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