Beauty Lessons To Learn From Milan Fashion Week

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There was color, there was glamour and there was absolute beauty, all that we have come to expect from Italian fashion houses. From bold lips to winged liners, here is what you can learn from this year’s Milan fashion week:

1. Sleek Strads are back

Opposite to the last year’s curly bouncy hair, this year’s style prefers to go with sleek hair that is blown out. From Bottega Veneta’s impossibly groomed hair with a clean center part to Ferragamo’s smooth-but-not-stick-straight variation, the big houses are going for silkier and smoother hairstyle this time.

2. Hair ornament

These punctuation marks adorned the top of the heads of It-girls like Kaia Gerber and Kendall Jenner. Headpieces of various types, from pearly bands to jeweled crowns, it was all seen there!

3. Kissed away lips

Forget the precision girls, because this year, your favorite models would be supporting a more kissed away look at the edges with their lipsticks. Marco di Vincenzo went with matte lipstick with blurred borders, while Gucci and Philosophy used gloss over their watercolor-like washes of scarlet pigment to cloud the edges.

4. Electric Cat Eye

Imagine cat eye look with your favorite black eyeliner, now imagine it in color electric blue or turquoise, that is what the trend would be this year. Mint green, aqua blue, and lilac shades, as well as paint-like blocks of cobalt, pale turquoise, and emerald green saturating the lids, will be in vogue this year.

5. Five strand braid

This is a new braid in town, a five-strand braid, walking the line between biblical and futuristic look. This is something that will soon come on the streets.

6. Glitter eyes

Stella Jean’s heavy silver glitter was applied across the lid and brow bone for a flashing, light-catching effect that promises to be as spectacular off the runway as it was on it.


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