Two New Harry Potter Books Coming Out: Bloomsbury is Showering Us With a Much Needed Love.

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Bloomsbury publication is planning to Release two new books about the boy who lived this year. Harry Potter books have always been read with love and reread with much love. No matter how many new discoveries we come up with, about the magic world, we just can’t get enough. Every Harry Potter fan always waits for new editions of his beloved series. Back in 2007, when the last Harry Potter book came out, it was heart breaking with the fans but then we got to read the Cursed Child and it continued! This year two new Harry Potter books are scheduled to come out in October. What else can be a better start to winters? Fans celebrated the 20th anniversary of the book series, Bloomsbury, the British publishing house made an announcement to release a pair of books, that will take you back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


1. Harry Potter: A History of Magic – The Book of the Exhibition, a book with original drafts of the Potter series by JK Rowling, along with a detailed discussion of all the subjects taught at Hogwarts. Interesting! This book is also tied up with the exhibition at the British Library, which features potions, herbology, and care of magical creatures. Nostalgia, again!


2. Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic, – will explore the histories, spells and curses, and creatures in the original book series. According to Fortune magazine, both books will be released on October 20, 2017, simultaneously and Bloomsbury also plans to publish digital copies on our favorite Pottermore website on the same date. Feeling excited already?


Though these books aren’t written by JK Rowling herself, surely, these reads will make sure that the magic of Hogwarts never fades…




Are you excited to explore the magic world again?


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