Nail it with these 11 Tips!

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A good nail care regime can do wonders to your nails. Short, brittle, unhealthy nails can give you an unattractive look while longer and healthier nails can make your hands look appealing.
Follow these nail care tips for long and gorgeous nails.

1. Stop biting your nails

Some people have a habit of biting their nails. To those people out there, stop biting your nails if you want your nails to grow long and grow fast. Control the temptation!

2. Nail-filing

nail filing
File your nails once a week. Nails often break if they are uneven and nails naturally grow unevenly. Whenever you see unevenness in your nails, file them to the same size, shape and length. Make sure to file in the same direction to prevent nail breakage.

3. Drink Water

water drinking
Drink plenty of water. That will help your nails to grow faster. You can also take multi vitamins to speed up growth and lotion helps keep the moisture in.

4. Dry nails

dry nails
Apply olive oil to your bare nails and cuticle twice a day and massage it in.

5. Soft nails

If you have soft nails, it probably means that your nails have excess moisture. Trying wearing gloves whenever you do anything related to water, such as washing clothes or dishes.

6. Nail Polishing

nail polish
Apply more than one coat of nail polish or a base coat, two coats of nail polish, and then a top coat. This simply stops chipping and will make your nails look stronger.

7. Avoid too much nail polish

Apply nail paint after every few weeks but avoid using it too regularly as that can stain your nails.

8. Fake nails

fake nails
Don’t get tips or fake nails that get glued on. This damages your nails and makes them brittle when you remove fake nails/tips.

9. Avoid using acetone

When removing nail polish, don’t use 100% acetone nail polish remover because it dries out your nails. This decreases their strength and leaves them open to damage.

10. Nail care

brittle nails
Never use your nails to peel or scratch anything off, or your nails may chip and weaken over time.

11. Removing cuticles

Be careful when pushing your cuticles back, and always soften them first. Your cuticles are the seal which stops infections from getting under your nails, so take care of them!


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