Earning Extra Income- Hobbies Turned Business

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For the average American—if there’s such a thing, the idea of a hassle-free way of extra income is to say the least, appealing. Not everyone has a job, but everyone seems to have a hobby. Whether unemployed, in between jobs or just in desparate need of extra money, you already have a way of earning money, you just didn’t realize it yet!

Anyone curious, please follow through.

Artist turned Entrepreneur

If you hide your craft-related expenses from your husband, you could perhaps put a smile on his face by making those DIY pieces worthwhile. Plus, you won’t feel guilty for spending those ridiculous amounts of money on craft supplies! If it’s your passion, it will pay off!

From selling your own art and crafts to (e-)shops, to children art classes, virtually any art form can generate income; photography, comic writing and painting are just a few.

If you love photography and you could easily spend hours on site waiting for the perfect lighting,  chances are your photography might by worthy. Build your own photography blog, or sell your pictures directly to stock photos agencies, newspapers and magazines. That’s money right there.

For more serious ventures you could consider wedding and event photography/videography. Especially if you already own first-class equipment, you’re half way there! As a last resort, you could teach the art of photography to other aspiring amateurs.

Feel like those guitar/piano lessons will never be amortized? Print out flyers and start your own private music lessons. There are literally thousands of young people aspiring to become the next big thing. Will you be, their passport to fame?

Muscle money

Guitar lessons, getting it out of your system and helping an aspiring artist too!

If fitness-obsession doesn’t even begin to describe your love for health and sports, you might want to try becoming a personal trainer. In case that you believe you know more about nutrition and muscle-building than your gym coach, perhaps it’s time you’d become (a part-time) one.

If you’re a hiker, rock climber and the like, becoming a you-name-it guide is also an option of turning your hobby into a dollar-making pastime.

Earning some extra money while doing something you’re passionate about is the easiest and most stree-releasing pastime you could engage in. You’ve been investing in your hobby for years, perhaps it’s pay back time! If all else fails, you can always start your own blog and write about you hobby, apparently it works just as well.

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