How To Overcome Fear And Realize Every Goal You’ve Ever Had

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What’s holding you back is not the lack of opportunities or the seemingly bad timing. What’s holding you back is fear. Nondescript, nonsensical fear.

How do you tackle fear when it gets between you and your dreams? What kind of steps should you take to unshackle yourself from the chains of fear?

Believe in you

Just look at your past achievements and present accomplishments. Reminding yourself of bigger and smaller victories, brings the present moment into perspective. It lets you see how what’s considered an unsurpassable mountain is actually just a  small road bump.

Be inspired

Why not create your own inspiration archive? Build a database of success stories, inspirational quotes, useful articles blog posts, music and images that you can go to when fear starts crawling back.

Just knowing you’ve got a reservoir of inspiration is enough to lift you up— even if you don’t actually use it.

Thinking kills momentum – Visualize Results

Your goal is but a breath away!

Your goal is but a breath away! (Image Credit:, by Bplanet)

Instead of overanalyzing your next move and carefully planning, just get into it. Thinking nurtures your fear and makes you complacent. Avoid procrastination by diving into a challenge headfirst.

Thus, visualize success and outcome. Let yourself picture how things should be once you’re brave enough to take that first step. Positive visualization will give you the lacking momentum to see potential where you now see fear.

Learn what you don’t know

The uncertain and the unknown are two fear-triggers. Learn what you don’t know, improve what you’re not good at. It’s through small steps of progress that your fear will be eventually tamed and suppressed.

That’s it. Now, all you need to do is to see beyond your fear and your self-imposing limitations. To understand that fear is but an obstacle you’re allowing to rule your life. Take charge!


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