These Awesome Monsoon Destination You Would Not Want To Miss!

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Intoxicating fragrance of wet mud, refreshing sound of rains and lush green surroundings to treat your surroundings…. That is the magic of monsoon! Dancing peacock, romancing couple and a leisure trip all of this sounds so irresistible! You definitely want to go out and make travel plans with friends and family.
Here are a few monsoon getaways for this monsoon season:

1. Khandala And Lonavala:

A trip to these beautiful destinations in Maharashtra is the best that can happen to you. The place is full of green pastures and cool whether is cherry on the top. So guys.. “aati kya khandala?”

2. Kerela:


Go to the city of Gods, it is undoubtedly the finest place in monsoons. Backwaters to hilly Munnar, it will be a refreshing trip.

3. Goa:


Goa is a total monsoon hot spot with people gorging on sea food and enjoying the adventure sports. This place will definitely make your trip a memorable one!

4. Shillong:


A trip to Meghalaya’s capital city Shillog can be planned even after visiting the 7 states. It receives the heaviest rainfall so one can make the most of the season here with its picturesque valleysof Khasi and Jayanti hills, waterfalls, etc.

5. Mumbai-Pune Expressway:


All Maharashtrians must make time to go to this expressway for the simple reason of enjoying its scenic beauty. It is one of the best drives that you can’t afford to miss!
So guys gear up and feel the rain…


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