Korean Secrets To Beautiful Skin! You Will Love Them!

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Asian women are famous for their youthful skin and gorgeous complexion. They have a perfect skin and are always camera ready. Their skin glows and this is all due to their proper diet, facial massages and skin care routine.

They do not do some magic and get the flawless skin, they work for it. If you want to have the same kind of skin, start working on the following tips from today itself. So here we go:

1. Start at an early age

Korean women start from an early age. At a young age, they are taught by their parents to take care of their skin so they start hydrating, exfoliating and massaging from the beginning. This keeps their skin healthy and acne free, it keeps all the skin problems away and gives them flawless complexion.

2. Brush your face

The women out there, brush their faces with a soft bristled brush. This helps them to keep their skin tone right, improve skin texture, prevent wrinkles, boost blood circulation and also remove dead skin cells. Brushing helps the oils they apply on the skin to get absorbed better which gives their better results.

3. Essential oils

They use essential oil for a flawless skin. A rose based oil for brightening skin, lavender oil for fighting ageing, etc. These are totally natural and give them the best results.

4. Pat it all

Koreans do not rub in the creams and serums that they apply on skin, they blend it by patting with their fingertips or with blenders. They create quick yet gentle pressures using sponges.

5. Body care

They take extreme care of their body too. Beauty regime is not limited to exfoliating and hydrating, they also eat the right food to maintain their beautiful skin, after all, what you eat is what will make your skin cells. So they swear by the detoxifying tea like green tea and other things like fermented yeast, ginseng, etc from the main part of their diet.

6. Paper mask

These are infused with essential oils and they use them on their skin daily. It moisturises the skin and promotes new cell growth. Just apply it on the face and keep it on for 10 minutes.

7. Massage

They start their day by massaging it in the morning. They use lotions or oils for it, light lotion or oils would do the work, gently massage your face in the morning. It will boost blood circulation and detoxify the skin.


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