10 Ways in Which Bollywood Divas Gave Saree Blouse a Makeover

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Saree is an evergreen ever-elegant Indian traditional attire that looks good all women, irrespective of their body shape. But why not give your evergreen ever-stylish attire a twist by experimenting with the style of your blouse?
Take a look at how these Bollywood divas wore saree blouses with a twist!

1. Full-Sleeved Blouse

A full sleeve blouse will give you a chic and classy look while hiding your arm fat and giving your arms a toned look. These blouses can be tailored in different fabrics- lacy, embroidered, velvet or net.
full sleeve

2. Quarter Sleeves

Quarter sleeves will also serve your purpose of hiding your arm fat while giving you a traditionally classy look. Some women find quarter sleeved blouses more comfortable than long sleeved ones.
3 by 4

3. One-cut One-full Sleeves

In case you’re confused whether to wear a full sleeved or a sleeveless blouse, Sonam Kapoor comes up with an amazing solution. Wear a one-cut one-full sleeved blouse, which is utterly chic and trendy.
one full one cut sonam

4. Off-shoulder Blouse

This is a contemporary take on the traditional saree blouse which gives you a sultry, sexy look!

5. Collared Neck Blouse

The good news is that the high necked blouse designs are back in fashion! Wear a Chinese collar with short sleeves or a sleeveless blouse with Peter-Pan collar or a Band-Gala sherwani collar.
collar neck

6. Bikini Style

There can’t be a sexier fusion than the ethnic saree with a bikini style blouse. Look sensuously sexy by donning this western style blouse.

7. Halter Style

A halter style blouse is equally sexy and western. Perfect for the sweltering heat of the summer, this blouse will add just the right kind of glam to your look for the traditional wedding.

8. Strapless

A saree is the sexiest piece of Indian attire and flaunting your curvaceous figure in a saree paired with a strapless blouse is the best way to make eyes pop-out this summer wedding season.

9. Sheer Blouse

If you’re not very comfortable with baring too much skin, try the sheer blouse. The sheer fabric conceals the skin yet it adds a glam effect because of the translucent fabric.

10. Boat Neck

Boat neck blouse is again a good option when you are not ready to show too much skin. It’s a stylish deviation from your traditional blouse.
boat neck


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