Your Sleeping Position Says A Lot About Your Personality! Find Out What Is Yours!

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A woman’s sleeping position says a lot about her, it tells how she feels, how she is actually from inside. When you are asleep, your body takes over your mind and that is why the true nature of the person comes up, the thing is you do not know how to read it.

So here is how you can read the personality of a person by their sleeping position:

1. Foetus:

This is the position where you kind of curl up into a ball and sleep. You pull your legs up and love the warmth and comfort this position gives. This position says that you are a trusting person and very loyal too.

2. Soldier:

This position is featured by sleeping on your back with your arms and legs straight! This position is not very famous and only a handful of people are able to get a good sleep in this style. But this position lives up to its name, people who sleep in this way are very structured and strict. They are very serious and keep high expectations from themselves and people around them!

3. Log:

I cannot imagine how a person can sleep like this. Well, many do! So this is the position where people sleep straight as a log and these people have a high sense of self-worth and are quite reserved.

4. Starfish:

This is the position where you sleep with your legs stretched out and arms thrown up beside your head. This is the least preferred style of sleep and people who sleep like this are pure at heart and are very loyal friends. They would do whatever they can to help their friends.

5. Pillow-Hugger:

While this is not a sleeping position because in any position a pillow can be taken but this does reveal something about the person. these people are full of love and like to keep their family and friends close. They are hungry for love and also have high importance for family and friends.

6. Free Faller:

Sleeping on stomach is the sign of trust issues because it covers up the front. It could also mean sexual frustration. People tend to sleep this way because they are scared to trust someone and get emotionally hurt.


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