5 Accessories That You Can Wear Daily Without Giving A Thought

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When you find the right piece of jewellery to wear, you can justify it by wearing it with everything in your closet.

So, check some of these out :

1. Studs

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Studs are for those who don’t like to wear long earrings and yet, want wear something classy. Go for simple studs that you can easily leave in or throw on every day.

2. Rings

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If you want to wear something very simple and sober, there’s nothing better than rings. You can stack many very thin rings or just wear one or two. Whether it’s a party, a meeting or just a day out, you can choose from your ring collection and just a simple ring will do wonders.

3. Bracelets

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Bracelets are the most beautiful thing you can wrap around you wrist. There are so many beautiful and super-modern bracelets that can be worn everyday. These looks very sophisticated and are always in trend.

4. Necklaces

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Collect a few pendants and put them onto one dainty chain. You’ve got yourself a very classy look! You can wear your pendants in rotation to work or at a party. These give you a very simple yet classy look.

5. Watches

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Watches are my favorite accessory. Whether you like to be all girly or not, you would love wearing a watch. Having a classic watch that you love not only gives you a functional everyday accessory but also signals that you’re a responsible adult. So, having a watch is a must for every girl nowadays.


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