Accessorizing Ideas for Winter Outfits!

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Winter is here and so is the urge to hide every possible inch of your skin from the cold. Covered from head to toe, it gets tricky to accessorize over dark shades of clothes. But even though summer is gone and the bright colored clothes are placed safely back in your wardrobe, accessories are versatile and can be transformed according to your outfit. Listed below are accessorizing ideas, based on your choice of color for your winter outfit:

Dark Blue

1. Dark Blue

Even though blue reminds you of the beautiful gemstone Sapphire, it is not the only option you have. White and silver are two classic colors that contrast well with blue outfits. You can opt for the minimalist look; white gold or silver rings along with matching bracelet and a pair of stud earrings.

2. Earthy Brown shades

Earthy colors give you warm, homely and relaxed vibes. Matching to the vibe and still maintaining its distinct identity, yellow gold is the perfect accessory shade to go with earthy brown outfits. Gold jewelry not only stands out against brown apparels, but it also contrasts well against mustard, red and orange. You can layer gold chains with your brown outfits and add a classic touch to your style statement.

3. Black and grey

Black can be easily categorized as the most worn color in winter. The trick to accessorizing right with black outfits is to pick a jewelry shade that pops out against the dark clothes. Rose gold jewelry pieces not only add a feminine and soft touch to your outfit but also act as a perfect contrast to the dark hues. This metallic pink shade is one of the best choices to be paired with shades of black.

4. White and cream

White has always had its own charm in the cold winter days. The added advantage with white outfits is that you can combine various shades of jewelry and create your own look. You can pair tri-colored jewelry pieces with your white outfits to jazz up your look. The combination of silver, gold and rose gold is one of the top-picks for white outfits. This combination is available in layered rings, bracelets, as well as necklaces.

So, embrace the winters and look your best with these stunning ideas.


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