Debunking Bizarre Pregnancy Myths!

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Eat this and not that, drink this and not that, do this and not that. We have heard it all and we follow it blindly without knowing the scientific reason behind it or without even thinking logically!

Have you ever thought that some of the pregnancy advice given may be absolutely false?

Here are a few myths that have been believed since ages but are actually false.

Grab a cup of coffee and let it all sink in!

1. Spicy food triggers pre-term labour

This is entirely false, spicy food in no way triggers pre mature labour, if this was true then half of the women in this country won’t find food to eat because in India, spices are a must. Too much spicy food is obviously harmful but not if taken moderately.

2. Eating for two

No, you are eating just for one, your body gets enough protein and nutrients that the baby need through the diet of one. The diet should be healthy and not doubled!

3. Cocoa butter prevents stretch marks

This is absolutely false, however tempting it might sound, it makes you body even more sensitive, rather than preventing stretch marks. Preventing stretch marks is the last thing cocoa butter does!

4. Walking will speed up labour

This is again false, it may help in bringing up labour that is already in progress but it never speeds up labour if it is not in progress. However walking a bit is healthy to move those joints.

5. sleep on left side only

Unless you have a complicated pregnancy, there is no such need to sleep on left side only. You would want to take all the sleep you can get because once the baby comes, sleep will be in dreams only!

6. No flying in first trimester

Unless you want to use the baby as an excuse, flying during the first trimester is absolutely safe. Infact it is safe in any month of pregnancy, people are only hesitant due to emergency labour situations.

7. No caffeine

Yes! You can have coffee, but up to a limit. Having more then 200 mg of caffeine can be harmful for the baby. So one cup a day is no harm.

8. If your face looks different then it is a girl

Well this one is the worst myth of all! Whether the face is blotchy or red or swelling, there is absolutely no proof that it is a girl, just get up and buy them gender neutral clothes and let them be, no woman wants to hear that she looks blotchy!


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