Don’t Let Wrong Lingerie Wane the Diva in You!

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Ladies, we are too particular and picky when it is about shopping for our clothes, but we tend to be lax and casual about our lingerie shopping. The general outlook is that lingerie is hidden, so why waste time and money on it. But, ladies that is where you go wrong! A wrong choice of your underwear can spoil your outer appearance and make you feel uncomfortable and troubled. So drop your casual attitude and be a smart and wise lingerie shopper.

1. Do not choose Fashion over Comfort

Underwear is the closest thing to your body. Therefore, it should feel comfortable. Choose features, benefits and design over color, brand and packaging. Just because it says “designer” doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for you. Equally, just because the box looks good, does not mean the underwear inside it is comfortable. Same applies to the sales assistant’s pitch. It’s your own sense of comfort that is the real indicator of the worth of underwear.
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2. Choose the right size

Comfort is about fit before all else. Underwear that pinches, pulls, squashes and rides up should be avoided because you are not supposed to be uncomfortable or in pain. Avoid the temptation to go one size smaller because no one else is going to know or care what size underwear you wear. In fact, underwear that are too small will tend to make a person look heavier and will show through to your cloths and that really looks awful!

3. Right size for the bra

Bras are especially important to get properly fitted because they will affect almost everything you wear and they should not dig into your breast tissue, cause sagging, make your breast bulge over the top of the bra, fall out of your bra when you bend over, or sit crookedly. Always adjust the straps when fitting bras.
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4. Fitting for the Underpants

For underpants, compare your waist and hip size to the size charts that are usually printed on the back of underpants, boxers, etc. The key things to look for include symmetry (no tugging across your derriere), snug but not binding openings around legs and waist, no digging into the skin, and the crotch must be smooth and flat, not tight, sagging, or riding up.

5. Quality of the fabric

Fabric can be a big cause of discomfort when wearing underwear, especially if it is scratchy, sweat-inducing, doesn’t breathe, and feels awful. Feel the material for smoothness, softness and comfort. Look for soft fabrics and check to see if the thread used on bras is scratchy on your back, as many of them are. Cotton is always a favorite because it breathes well and is very easy to care for. Other good choices include Lycra, Microfiber, bamboo, cashmere, silk-feel nylons, high quality polyesters. Remember, these items are against your skin all day long, so don’t even think of putting up with something scratchy or constricting! If you’re going for something lacy, make sure the lace doesn’t cause an itching problem.

6. Selecting the cut or the style of your bra

Bras come in a range of different cuts or shapes that take into account your personal support and comfort preferences. Bra cuts include strapless, cross-over, demi-bra, convertible, front closure, halter, longline, lined, push-up, racerback, seamless, underwire, etc.Try on different types and see how they feel on you, do they pinch, ride up, have tight openings, or sag after being worn after a short time.

7. Choosing the type of underpants

Underpants range from a G-string, thong, bikini or string bikini, boy shorts, loose or tight boxer shorts, tap pants, briefs: boy leg brief, French cut, control brief, full coverage, high cut, etc. Each has its benefits and disadvantages depending on your size, activity levels, and preference. And you need to try them on to know what works for you, as there really is no right or wrong style, just a wrong feeling! Think about what you do all day long. If you’re a sportsperson, look at the sports underwear for supportive, contoured underwear. If you’re sitting in an office all day long, surprisingly, the same features of support and contour as sports gear are important considerations. If you aren’t very active due to illness or some other reason, you might want less contouring and more looseness.

8. Check the tightness of your elastic bands

An elastic band that feels too tight will constrict you. The elastic bands on some underwear can be too tight, placing you at risk of constricting your blood flow or causing skin irritation. If your undergarments are leaving marks on your body after you take them off, stop using that underwear. A good pair of underwear should not leave marks on your body after wear.

9. Replacing underwears regularly

It isn’t a good idea to hold onto your underwear well beyond its useful life. As the underwear sags and loses it’s shape, dispose of it and replenish your supply. Although there is no set lifespan of your underwear, use your judgement when it comes time for replacing them. Use the same rules of comfort and fit as you did when you purchased them. If your underwear doesn’t fit well, your outerwear will not look good.

10. Washing after purchasing

Always wash underwear after purchase before wearing. You don’t know who has been trying them on contrary to fitting room regulations, and it is always a good idea to wash them for removing any residues left over after the manufacturing processes.


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