How to Look Slimmer in Photos

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There are more technicalities behind posing than you would’ve thought, actresses don’t just look gorgeous without any effort, they have to get their dressing right and also their pose. Let’s admit it nobody likes to look at their photo and think “How fat do I look in that pic?”

1. Know the good side of your face

Yep! there is definitely a bad side and that maybe the reason photos from a certain angle does not make you look good.


2. Practice with a selfie to know which pose suits you best

We know you might have already taken hundreds of selfie in the past, but look at those and see which face angle made you look the best.


3. Always stick your chin out to avoid double chin

You don’t want to look like a sumo wrestler.


4. Never take shots from below

Please take care of not getting a low angle shot for it’s going to make you look fatter than you actually look.


5. Turn your body sideways

This is where knowing the good side of your face will come to aid, as you would know which side to pose.


6. Position your arms on your hips

You know all the celebs do it,it might look forced but it helps in avoiding the flab in your upper arms that otherwise will make you look fat from the side.


7. Avoid direct sunlight

First of all, it’ll make you look dark and second of all it sunlight makes you squint which might make your jawline look plumped.


8. Cross your ankle while getting clicked sitting

It will make you calf and thigh look slimmer and give a good posture.



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