11 Times Shahrukh Khan Understood The Struggles of An Unsuccessful Shopping Trip

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Here are all the stages you go through during an average shopping trip to the mall represented by Shahrukh Khan, because why not?

1. When you spot a 50% off sign on your favorite store’s window

Image 1

2. When the jacket you’ve been lusting after for days, is finally on sale

Image 2

3. When you see another woman eyeing the jacket that’s rightfully yours

Image 3

4. When you see the price tag on the jacket and even after 50% you realize it’s a distant dream

Image 4

5. When you see the other woman walking out of the store with the jacket that should have been yours

Image 5

6. When you spot a gorgeous pair of shoes and instantly get over the jacket that should have been rightfully yours

Image 6

7. When you discover that the shoes will max out your credit card limit, but you NEED to have them, because shoes

Image 7

8. When you head over to the make-up counter and see all the new gorgeous shades of lipsticks on display

Image 8

9. When you try on the lipstick and see if your pout selfie game is strong with the shade

Image 9

10. When you check yourself out in the mirror, with the shade on, and you look fine as hell

Image 10

11. When you realize you can’t buy the shade too, as you had already maxed out your card on the pair of shoes earlier

Image 11


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