Dos & Don’ts Of Selecting Your Wedding Attires

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We all dream of those perfect outfits for our wedding, the reception, even the haldi and sangeet functions. We get our dresses custom made so that they are just for us and do what not. But there are some mistakes that the brides make while getting their own custom made dresses or buying them.

1. Getting stuck on one color

It is okay to have a favorite color or willing to have the dress of the most trendy color of that season but you need to see that the color you get fixated on is also the color that compliments your body, skin and the style of dress. You should not ask you, designer, to make a dress in the color that does not go with their style of designing, you need to keep their designs in mind too.

2. Going for western attire

It is okay to wear a western kind of an attire for maybe Mehendi or haldi or even for your engagement but when you are selecting the dress for reception or wedding day, then you should go with a proper traditional lavish attire because a true grace of an Indian bride comes with the proper traditional attire only.

3. Getting a dress a size or two small for wedding day

You just CANNOT do this to yourself, it is okay to be hopeful to lose weight by your wedding day but one single step goes wrong and your wedding outfit is in jeopardy! Never order a dress in a size smaller than your current size because at the last moment it might be very difficult to get it in the proper size for you. Wedding times are very unpredictable and even if you start working out to lose weight, you cannot be sure that you will complete it or lose weight, so do not take any risk with the wedding outfit.

4. Going with the flow

It is okay to be willing to wear a dress of latest trend and style but you need to see that the style that you want suits your body or not. Let your designer decide which style would suit your body the most because they do this for a living and would know better. Do not go and blindly follow the trend irrespective of it suiting your physique!

5. Too many ideas

Having too many ideas is good but working with all of them on one outfit will only result in disaster. Narrow down your options to the ones you like the most and discuss them with your designer, then decide the design.

6. Chose your jewelry later

This will definitely result in disaster because jewellery is a much heavier investment than the lehenga so decide your jewellery first then go to your designer for the lehenga because the blouse and the dupatta need to go with the jewellery like a low cut neck with choker or a high neck blouse with a thin chain might not look good together.


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