Arranged Marriage Questions – 16 Hilarious Replies By A Girl!

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1. Your name is quite unique. What does it mean?

pushpaFirst pronounce it correctly. It’s Pushpa, not Puspa.

2. What is your favorite cuisine?

maggiMaggi, and I make only one packet. Period.

3. Do you know how to drive a car?

nanoNo, I will not drive your Nano!

4. Are you a virgin?

virginNo, we don’t use virgin Olive oil. Mom says it’s expensive, we use Sarson Da Tel.

5. Can you cook daal, subzi beti?

shitOh yes, of course aunty, I’ll cook you khichdi because you’ll need one after eating my daal.

6. So what do you do in your ‘free’ time?

selfie‘Free time’? I am too occupied with my selfies-awww, ewwww, shona pies, my butterflies stuff. Hasn’t he checked my FB profile before coming here? Scumhead. Grr…

7. What are your expectations from your husband?

kareenaWell he has to be loving, caring, sensitive, polite, funny, sophisticated, courteous, handsome, smart, witty, interesting, desirable, spendthrift, sexy and……. Rest I’ll update you.

8. Here is my visiting card! You can contact me on this.

visitingExcuse me! Dickhead, you are not hiring me! You are marrying me!

9. Apko gussa kitna aata hai?

dollyWhenever I face idiots like you! Speed off before I become Dolly Bindra

10. Did you have any boyfriends?

dostanaMy mother gave birth to a straight girl. So I had “male friends”, if that’s what you mean!

11. Will you like to work post marriage too?

shoppingYeah, I’ll like to shop around, dine out, catch up with old buddies and…exhausted! Sleep!

12. Are your periods regular?

periodsNo, I don’t attend my periods regularly. I am on a perpetual bunk asshole!

13. How many kids will you like to have?

kids 2Well,more than 0 and less than 1 if I marry you and I’ll drop you at Mother’s Pride on the way.

14. How much do you earn and how much property is in your name?

propertyI own two houses in Farmville and excuse me, are you an Income Tax Officer? Fuck Off

15.What is your blood group?

bloofNo, I am not donating any blood to you. Rejected!

16.What are your goals in life?

funny goalTo run away to Essel world and sit atop a water slide playing Candy Crush forever.


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