Keep Calm and Don Something Which is Fashionable Yet Friendly to Your Skin!

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So what am I doing writing about fashion? To be honest, curiosity and god knows what drove me to so called ‘research’ and write. I looked for threads to stitch something new for you all. Fashion, what is it? What was it? The frustrations and the problems, now and then.

Hence, the narrative; These are the times of unique imaginations in style and new trials with trends, without the fear of anything irrational and without the fear of being judged. “Wearing what is comfortable”- is a widespread agenda of basic trend setters, and that’s actually a really huge change in the areas of fashion. This indeed is a debatable point that before this, fashion was all about “Bollywood” and “Page3” basically, how funny, right? But it’s true. Well, the mad rush to have the look of a particular superstar was so full of materialism. Yester years-fashion was a not related to comfort but only to the race of being updated. The convenience that today’s fashion gave, change in mindset is phenomenal. Every teen, basically everyone today is high on the style ‘thingy’ ,the motto of being comfortable in your own skin and looking best on fashion front is the new statement everyone has been drenched into.
‘Modern & leisurely , comfortable yet fascinating’ are the keys to throw your enlightening impression on others. This comfortable yet trendy fashionable statement gives your personality, a whole new makeover.

The idea behind this statement is to be comfortable in one’s own skin and body type. If a clingy cloth looks clumsy on your body, just throw it right away! You don’t need to torture yourself in the name of fashion. If you prefer shoes over heels, just go for it! You don’t deserve the pain it causes you. You should just know what is comfortable and yet looks perfect on you! Also there was a rising inequality between the two classes; the thriving middle class and the elite high class. For both of them, fashion was and in some ways, a sport but at different levels just because of the affordability angle. Though, as observed, and known now that this gap in fashion has reduced now. Huge markets with plenty of branded clothes and also there duplicates have flourished, how interesting! Isn’t it?! Sounds heavenly! It appears to be a great new escape for the middle class to get into elite urban culture but from a different gate though. Somehow, the fight of looking enamoured, the larger-than-life, uber glamorous images have profited the new fashion. Fashion is complex but not if there is a liberty to put on what’s not just on the bright side but also affordable, comfortable yet splashing!
So don’t be hanging up on just a handful of fashion choices that you can hardly afford, don’t let Bollywood dominate you! Keep calm and make a fashion sense keeping it gritty and not glossy.


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