Latest Beauty Trend:Pom-Poms On Your Face!!

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Beauty bloggers bring to you yet another wild beauty trend and guess what it is about??

Sticking pom-poms on your face!!
This weird beauty trend involves using craft supplies for eye and brow makeup, lip art and face makeup too if you are bold enough.
It is not that difficult to achieve if you just try it once. Eyelash glue can be used to apply pom-poms.
The starting of this trend can be traced back to a Dutch Instagram makeup artist Marly, who posted a picture of her face covered in pom-poms:

Since full face pom-pom look will not be for all for obvious reasons, other artists are trying to use them for lip and eye makeup.
How would you like them??
On your eyelids??

On your Brows??
On your lips??
Do share your views on it.


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