Shocking Restaurants You Can’t Even Think of!

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Eating out was once just about different cuisines and food. But with ever increasing demand from diners it is changing and is not limited to the tasty menu and great ambience. Restaurateurs all around the globe are doing efforts to make their place stand out and for that they are coming with such ideas that even thinking about them gives us creepy vibes.

Let us tell you some of the creepiest place to eat at around the globe. We hope after reading this you won’t loose your appetite.

1: Dans le Noir

It is a unique concept which emphasis on suppressing the sense of sight,  as one eats in complete darkness, and experiences a  a unique sensory, social and human experience. The guests are guided and served by blind and visually impaired. There are five restaurants in London, Paris, Barcelona, Nairobi and St Petersburg and with more than a million visitors worldwide since 2004 they have been an international success.Dans le noir

2: The Modern Toilet

It is a bathroom themed restaurant in Taiwan an expanding itself in Asia. There are toilet shaped seats and bath tub turned into table. Dishes here are served in miniature plastic toilet bowls and drinks in miniature urinals.the-modern-toilet

3. s’ Baggers

You have seen amusement parks and roller coasters in them. Its time for your food to have a roller coaster ride before settling in your stomach. s’ Baggers in Nürnberg, Germany is a roller coaster restaurant where you order food through touch pads and your food slides to your table.sbaggers-restaurant

4. New Lucky Restaurant

Built on an old graveyard this restaurant in Ahemedabad was built without disturbing the existing graves but only iron grills were placed around them. Owner claims that grave give a ‘unique experience’ to lucky

5. The Clinic, Singapore

A hospital themed restaurant in Singapore has servers and kitchen staff dressed as doctors and nurses armed with colorful servings of tasty food pills,syringes and even drips f cocktails with flashy names like Nitro-Sangria and Sex on a Drip. The decor is also like a hospital with wheelchairs as

6. Heart Attack Grill

It is an American hamburger restaurant in Las Vegas, with waitresses (nurses) taking orders (prescriptions) from the customers (patients) after patients are in their hospital gowns. Customers 160 kg in weight eat for free if they weigh in with a doctor or nurse before each burger.the heart attack

7. Eternity

Shaped like a giant coffin and with finest funeral decor this place in Ukraine stands out. With dim lighting to dishes like ‘Let’s meet in Paradise’ on menu one can have an extraordinary experience.eternity

8.Izakaya Kayabuki

This place has some unusual staff members in the form of monkeys. Yes, you read it right monkeys will be serving you your meal here. These monkeys are not employees but owner’s pets.

9.Fortezza Medicea Restaurant

It is a restaurant in Voltera staffing some of Italy’s most hardened criminals provide viable job training. The cooking is accomplished entirely with plastic utensils, for the safety of the customers.prison_restaurant

10. Cannibalistic Sushi

Here a ‘naked woman’ is wheeled out made up of dough skin and edible organs. The body is cut open by a server on the operating table using a scalpel and blood like sauces oozes out.cannibal


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