This Video About Various Kinds Of Hijab Will Surely Crack You Up!

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Muslim women combine their faith and fashion sense so well that it has always been totally admirable in my eyes.

Sofia Ashraf, a Tamil rapper, who talks about social rights issues through her songs has come up with this hilarious and totally heart-warming new video called ‘Types Of Hijabis You Will Meet This Eid’ as a part tribute, part satire on the traditional Muslim head cover.

In the video, you will see Sofia making witty comparisons between hijab and bank accounts, disco balls, pin cushions, the ghost from Scooby Doo and camel humps. Among the other things, she also points out the difficulties the women have to face while wearing a hijab.

The best part of the video is that even after poking fun at the various things, there is nothing condescending about it.

Perhaps she could do it so easily and so understandingly because she too was a hijabi once.
“As an ex-hijabi, I can understand the sentiment attached to the hijab. To understand a hijabi, you need to understand fandom. When you love a band, you like to show it. You don’t ask a Metallica fan not to wear a band t-shirt to a concert. You don’t ask an Allah groupie not to wear the hijab. Although I don’t believe the hijab is for me, I do not hold the notion that the hijab is not for anyone,” Ashraf said.

But, no matter how innocent your intentions are, there is always someone or the other who might find it offensive and the creatic=vity is lost on them. “I was constantly second-guessing my jokes. There are bits that I’ve mercilessly cut out to respect sentiments of Muslims. Despite that, we were prepared for some negative comments.”

But the love, support, and positivity from women leaves no place for any kind of negativity. “Hijabis are laughing their hijabs off at it and are welcoming it as a sign of diversity and inclusiveness,” says Ashraf. “Women are tired of being branded as a gender that is constantly pulling each other down. The most fun comments are when hijabis tag each other and mention which category they fall under!”

Enjoy the video:


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