6 Signs Which Show That You Are Having Way Too Much of Sugar

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You consume sugar in a lot more than one form. It is not only added to drinks and desserts but in almost all the packaged food items. So even if you have cut down on sugary drinks, you might still be consuming them with the packaged food. Until and unless you cook your own food and go for organic food items, you are not eating healthy exactly.

Consuming too much sugar can cause a lot of harm to you and your body and there are many symptoms of over consumption of sugar shown by your body. Your body has its own way of telling you to cut down your sugar intake.
Some of those symptoms are:

1. Sugar cravings

It is just like any other drug, sugar is addictive, the more you have it, the more you want it! It stimulates the production of dopamine which is a pleasure hormone, making you want to have sugar so that you can feel sated and relaxed.

2. Feeling tired?

The amino acid chain in the body affects the sleep-wake system and is affected by sugar and glucose level in the body. So when you are high on sugar, you feel hyper and then suddenly you feel very tired and low because the sugar level goes down.

3. Weight gain

Having more sugar in your body makes you fat in more way than one. Other factors like metabolism, lifestyle affect too, but the increased level of sugar in the body makes you eat more, it suppresses the hormone leptine which tells you when to stop eating, so you eat more and also it makes you feel tired which prevents you from exercising.

4. frequent cold and flue

Your body glucose prevents the white blood cells from working which is responsible for killing the viruses, in simple terms, it affects the immune system. So you become more susceptible to viruses causing cold and flue.

5. Dull taste buds

When you consume more sugar, your taste buds becomes used to it, this is not only the case with sugar but with all the things. So this makes your taste buds dull but if you cut down, sugar intake for a month, you will notice that food tastes more sweet to you. Increased sugar intake makes you crave more sugar and sugar is not that sweet to you any more, dulling your taste buds.

6. Skin problems

Consuming more sugar than necessary can lead to many skin problems like acne, wrinkles, loose skin, etc. It also ma lead to yeast infection in private parts of your body.


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