This 7-Day Sex Challenge Will Blow Your Partner’s Mind! Are You Up For It?

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When the honeymoon face fazes off and the routine life kicks in, you have a lot on your plate to think about! When you sleep at night you do not think about the romp in the hay but about your schedule for tomorrow and all the tasks that need to be done. You are so tired at night that as soon as your head lies on the pillow, you fall asleep.

This affects your relation a lot, because being intimate is a part of a healthy relationship, so here are a few challenges for you. Follow them all and rest assured that your partner will pay much much more attention to you and your sex and marital life is gonna be as good as your favourite romantic novel!

Here are seven things to be followed for seven days.
So are YOU up for it??

1. Relaxing Massage


Since your sex life has been on a kind of hold, so let’s start slow and on the first day of the week, take some baby oil or olive oil and give your partner a relaxing massage after he comes from work. Make it a bit sensual by being slow, and you know all his weak spots so take advantage of that! You never know what this may lead to with your hands all over him!

2. Sexy Text


On the next day, while he is at work, send him an enticing message. In it you may tell him what you will do to him tonight or maybe something you are doing at that time which is sexy and makes him crazy, describe it in a sensual way on text. Be specific and as sexy as you can. He will be out of the office sharp at 5 and come home ready to take you in his arms!

3. Sex Position


Now that your intimate life has started to wake, try new things, don’t go for the same old sex positions that you have during sex. Try something new or something you haven’t tried in a long time. Change will give you a thrill and you are going to love the anticipation and excitement it brings!

4. Hot Show


New day, new thing! When you are getting ready in the morning, give him something to think of you all day long. Go about your morning routine, brush your teeth, apply makeup and if no one’s home, maybe cook for him in just your bra and panties. He will make time for you in the morning or if not, you will definitely get some in the evening!

5. Dress scandalously


Bring out that sexy lingerie on the fifth day that you bought but never wore and entice him with your hot look. Dressing in a scandalous dress will make you feel confident and empowered. He will not be able to resist you!

6. Different Location?


The challenge is coming to an end, it’s time to take things to next level! You always have sex in the bedroom, try a different location. Go for the couch in the living room or the kitchen table! You will love the thrill of it. It is not in public but still outside your room so things will be more exciting this way!

7. Shower Together

For the last day, make it romantic! May be you don’t like to have sex in the shower but a hot shower with your partner can be one of the most sexy things for you! And this may be the best way for foreplay before taking things on the bed. So go for it!

So start with this 7-day challenge and enjoy the fruits of your hard work for a long time!
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