Green, Pink, Yellow Concealer! Confused Which One To Use?

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You see various makeup artists using various colors of concealers in their videos and it is very confusing, because some use green, some use orange while some even use pink or purple and then you think about how you use only one concealer! What you don’t know is that every color has a particular work to do.

Color correcting is a technique that you need to do right so that you don’t have to cake on layers after layers of concealer in your skin. The trick is to use the right kind of color to conceal a particular problem!

Here is a guide for the same:

1. Yellow color

If you have purple tones in your skin or mild redness, then you can correct it using this color concealer. Purple tones can be visible on the very fair skin which has veins showing through them.

2. Green color

It is the best color to hid acne or breakouts and is also very good at hiding redness on your skin. Apply your normal concealer or foundation over it to get a clear skin to apply makeup on.

3. Pink color

Pink is the color you go for if you have fair skin but have dullness around your eyes or lips, etc. it will brighten up your skin and also helps to hide the dark spots.

4. Purple color

Many people have a dull yellow kind of an undertone with a light color of skin, it looks really odd when you put on makeup, so this purple color can be used to reduce that.

5. Peach color

This color is best to conceal the dark circles for a light skin tone while orange is used for medium or dark skin tone!


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