10 Signs That You Need To Take Care Of Your Vagina

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Taking care of vagina is something that most of us ignore which results in some of the biggest health issues in later stages of life.

For example, if you use the same sanitary pad for a long time, say 8 hours then it may result in infections or bad odour and chances are that it will create annoying irritation.

Take care of your lady bits because from this is where the infections reach up to your uterus, ovaries, tubes, etc. Wash it daily with normal tap water and avoid using intimate creams or scented products down there. Taking care of intimate health is as important as taking overall health care.

Here are s few signs that tell you that you need to take serious care of your lady parts:

1. Thick discharge

Normal white discharge is fine but if there is a thick chunky kind of discharge down there then this can be a sign of yeast infection. So for this visit your doctor as soon as possible. wearing too tight clothes or poor diet are the reasons for this.

2. Fishy smell

If you smell funny down there then there are huge chances of bacterial infection which can impact your health badly. So it would be better if you visit your doctor and improve your diet.

3. It is not the same after having the baby

You experience pain during sex which can be a symptom for an issue in pelvic floor muscle, so visit your doctor for better health of your vagina.

4. Got UTI

If you so not take bath after work out or forget to pee after sex then there are chances that you might get a urinary tract infection. To prevent it, adopt healthy habits like taking bath after work out, peeing after sex, but if you already have it then you might need to have antibiotics to cure it.

5. Red and swollen

If your intimate area seems red and swollen, it might be the symptom of vaginal infection, cyst or even STD so immediately get it checked and try to keep the area clean and fresh.

6. Dryness

Dryness can be due to some allergy and can be cured very easily but most women put up with it and do nothing for it. Visit the doctor and take its proper care to prevent it from causing any problem.

7. Constant pain

There is a constant pain for no apparent reason then there are chances of some vaginal problem, do not ignore the pain and go to the doctor for a check-up, it might be come infection or even some chronic disease. So it would be best not to take any chances.

Do not avoid any of the above signs, Wear fresh garments made of cotton regularly, and let the area breathe and your vagina will thank you!


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