Breastfeeding in Public, She Gave an Awesome Response to Haters!

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Breasts do not exist only for perverts to stare at or as something on which you can objectify women. They exist for a purpose. They serve the biological function to give life to babies and to sustain them.

In this world breastfeeding in public is still considered immoral. People stare as if the mother is doing some crime by feeding her baby. Something of this sort was faced by Ashley Kaidel when she was breastfeeding her child in a restaurant. But she did not ignore the ones who were giving awkward stares. She took it to social media and wrote an open letter about it on her Facebook wall.

In the post, Ashley conveys that it is a right of every mother to breastfeed her child. A mother does not need to exclude herself from a public place to feed her hungry child. She can and she should feel comfortable in breastfeeding her child without bothering about those awkward stares.

This also reflects the society we live in and the way women are treated and judged. A man in India can piss at a public place in open and nobody blinks an eye but a woman breastfeeding her child is looked upon as someone who does not know how to behave in public.

We all respect Ashley for her attitude and thank her for the support and encouragement she has shown to the mothers.


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