Let Your Ring Speak About Your Personality!

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Your choice says a lot about you and diamonds are a girl’s best friends. So the way she chooses her diamonds, too, speak a lot about her personality. Is she family oriented or adventurous, is she emotional or logical, is she tender or strong? Diamonds tell this all!

How to match your ring to your personality? Here is a list of the shape of a diamond and what they tell you:

1. Round:

A round diamond is the most famous form of the ring. It is most famous for engagements. It says that you are a traditionalist, laid-back and honest.

2. Princess Cut:

This is the second most famous shape of diamond for a ring. It is square in shape with pointed corners and it screams intelligence. You are probably a fun loving and spontaneous person.

3. Emeralds:

This one has a rectangular cut with more clarity to its diamond. Its clear texture states that you are hard working, straight forward and sophisticated person.

4. Asscher:

This is the square version of the emerald cut and has no pointed corners. It says that you are detail oriented, feminine and dainty.

5. Cushion:

It has a square type of shape but has many facets, it gives a vintage kind of a look. It says that you are adventurous, dependable and a team player.

6. Heart shaped:

This one obviously symbolises love and is often given in pink or yellow colour. It says that you are romantic, sentimental and a devoted person.

7. Pear shape:

This is in a tear drop shape and can provide a slimming effect for broad fingers. What it says about you is that you are modest, adaptable and calm sort of a person.

8. Oval:

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This one is a classic shape yet has an edge to it, it can also make your hand look slim. It says that you are artistic, daring and trend-setting kind of a person.

9. Marquise:

This one has tapered and pointed ends and can make a lower carat diamond appear larger. Marquise says that you are humorous, flamboyant and theatrical in nature.

10. Wokka-Wokka:

This one is a perfect round shape with 90 facets, all cut to reflect maximum light. It says that you are bold, classy and unique.


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