Your Energy Shows: 6 Tips for Starting Your Day with the Right Vibe!

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You can often get a feel for whether you are going to have a good day almost as soon as you open your eyes and prepare for the hectic schedule that awaits you.


There are a couple of key ingredients to setting off on the right foot and making sure you are in the right vibe to approaching the day with a positive attitude and when look inside your wardrobe for inspiration you might decide you love these tunics and how they make you look and feel.


Finding the right clothes to wear is an essential part of getting your day started well and here are some other tips to help you hit the ground running with a skip in your step.


Music can make your mood


There is no doubt that music has the power to inspire and change your mood in an instant when you hear a song you love.


A good tip would be to have some of your favorite songs on a playlist and put that on when you get up and start your morning routine. 


Hearing those tracks and enjoying the positive vibe you get from them will put a smile on your face and send you out the door with positive thoughts.


Wake up your body in the right way


It is too easy to find yourself rushing around and battling against the clock in the morning and that can put a bit of extra strain on your body.


To avoid that scenario a suggestion would be to set your alarm about twenty minutes earlier and fit in a yoga routine where you energize your mind and body in preparation for the day ahead.


It’s not good to be running on empty


Skipping breakfast and maybe just having a quick sip of coffee might seem like a good idea when you are up against the clock but it is a decision you might regret when you start flagging mid-morning.


Fueling your body with a good healthy breakfast is a good discipline to observe and it should help lift your mood and energy levels.


Don’t check your phone


It is almost certain that you will spend a fair part of your day using your phone to check emails, send messages and socialize, but resist the temptation to pick up your phone as soon as you rise.


That moment of peace where you disconnect from technology will make a difference.


Just breathe


This might seem a no-brainer suggestion for obvious reasons but a quick five-minute spell where you close your eyes and focus on taking some deep breaths.


This mini-mindfulness session can work wonders in clearing your thoughts and preparing you for the day.


Take a walk


If you can arrange your morning schedule to include a quick meditative walk where you can take in a bit of local nature it can really instill a positive vibe in your mind and body that can boost your mood significantly.


How you start your morning will have an impact on the rest of the day and these tips should help ensure that the vibe is a positive one.


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