Mother-Daughter Illustrations That Will Make You Go *Awwww*

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Kseniya Voronicheva is an illustrator, and around 6 months ago she started observing her 3-year-old daughter. her daughter is so cute and she never lets her be bored.
She says:

I began to record my observations of a three-year-old daughter. Draw comics about our daily routine has been an exciting activity. My daughter does not let me get bored.

A child’s imagination has no boundaries, they copy you, they question you and sometimes they even teach you something so big that you can’t help but wonder if this little bundle of naughtiness and cuteness has really said those thing!
She adds:

Every day she comes up with something new. Children’s imagination is simply inexhaustible. My task is to notice this and have time to draw a sketch.

Scroll down for a mommy-daughter adventure!

#1 Give me mommy

When they want to have whatever you are having. You really wanna have it but what can you do!

#2 Can’t let you shower

When you are having a shower *finally* but suddenly they barge in and they are hungry!

#3 In my dreams

When you try to make her sleep and she is hyper active! And when you finally get to sleep you are happy that she is down!

#4 I don’t want a dress

When you get her dressed up in dresses of your choice, she wants a totally different one!

#5 Fashion diva mode

When you are making her hair and she goes all fashion diva on you , instructing you to make her hair this way and that!

#6 I wanna paint

When you are painting your room and she thinks that the wall is her drawing book!

#7 daddy is my new doll

When you are busy and she wants to play dress-up, she designs the beard of her dad! May be paint his nails too!


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