10 Best Things About Being Single!

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Some people hook up one or two times or maybe more than that too and some were just born to be single until, of course, they find their right match. But it’s a fact that at some point in life everybody has remained single for a period of time that doesn’t matter.. what matters is how good it actually feels to be single!

1. No worrying about the constant problem known as Buying Men Presents.

It’s really not hard buying gifts for girls than it is for boys.Period.


2. You can flirt with anyone you want.

Saw a cute guy? Go sparkle your eyes and charm your way out!


3. You can have guy friends who don’t just hang out with you because you’re someone’s girlfriend.

That’s kind of a big relief. You don’t have to constantly assure your boyfriend of having any feelings towards your guy friend. Ughh!


4. Nights out with your girlfriends have a different spirit when you’re single!

Get your girl gangs and party hard. they are your true soulmates!

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5. You can discover and create the woman you want to become.

Without anybody constantly pointing out the negativity in your life and having no burden of doing things the way HE wants you get all the time to yourself and put it to good use by discovering the real YOU.


6. You can date!!

Don’t you love the whole process of dating? Getting ready, getting to know a totally new guy? You get to do it all over again.

 couple on romantic date or celebrating together at resta

7. You learn what you want and don’t want in a relationship.

Once a wise man said ” You learn from your mistakes”


8. An argument with your significant other can never ruin your day when you’re single.

There was nothing worse than breaking out in a fight with your BF and feeling bad all day about it. Guess what? You don’t have to deal with all the dramas anymore!!

9. You learn to be independent in every sense of the word

“A man is not a financial plan” You are smart enough to survive in this world by your own!


10. Your accomplishments (and failures) are all your own.

There is no one to blame you or no body you can blame your failures on! It’s ALL YOU!!



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