Feeling Bloated? These Might Be The Reasons!

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Excess gas in the intestine causes bloating. Allergies, intolerance, constipation and pre-menstrual syndrome are the few factors that might be causing it but more than often, the cause is the food that you have eaten which causes your body to retain the water. Not only the food item but also how you eat the food causes bloating. Drinking with a straw can cause the air to be swallowed, eating too fast or too slow, etc are the few ways which can make you feel bloated.

Bloating is not a serious issue but can cause certain major problems that may not seem important at first but will be harmful later.

Here are a few food items that might be the cause of bloating:

1. Heavily salted food:

Salt causes your body to retain water. canned food, chips, cheese, frozen food, etc, all might be the cause of bloating. So if you are feeling a bit puffy after a meal then cut down your salt intake.

2. Cruciferous veggies:

Vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, etc can cause gas production which blocks your intestine, making you feel bloated. Make sure to avoid such food items if you are prone to bloating.

3. Beans:

These are also the veggies that cause gas production. However, being rich in protein and fibre, they should not be removed from the diet, what you can do is have them in small quantity or take some pill that reduces gas before having them. Take the pill only in the case you are too prone to bloating.

4. Chewing gum:

Anything that can cause you to swallow air, will cause bloating. So if you are feeling bloated, avoid having chewing gum at all costs. If you want to freshen your breath then go for mint instead of a gum.

5. Carbonated drink:

Just like gum, soda and drinks too have carbon in them, they will puff up your stomach like anything. A moderate dose of anything is fine but too much consumption will cause the bloating to increase.


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