5 Books To Read This Summer

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What’s in your beach bag except from sunscreen and a beach towel? Here are 5 books you should read this summer whichever your vacation destination. Because, no one likes waiting in a plane departure lounge, no matter how exciting the trip is!

Astonish Me: A novel byMaggie Shipstead

You think you’ve seen it all in the ballet world? The best-selling author of Seating Arrangements returns with Astonish Me, a magnificent tale of love, talent, ballet and fate. As the protagonist realizes she is raising a dance prodigy she decides to revisit her old but not forgotten past.

Practical Magic ByAlice Hoffman

Get ready to enter a world of awe and mesmerizing beauty where nature’s splendor prevails and amazes with its magic!

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

The gripping tale of Christopher McCandless who wanders into the Alaskan wilderness all by himself. A real page-turner you need to read before seeing the movie (if you haven’t already).

Kinder Than Solitude: A Novel by Yiyun Li

Get into a perplexing murder with Kinder than Solitude. One of the three friends might as well be the murderer. But who?  A novel you won’t be able to put down unless you read cover to cover.

The Fever by Megan Abbott

Delve into the weird events that take place at a suburban small town high school. A mysterious contagion starts to affect several high school students and things go downhill from there. It’s a story inspired by the real-life events that occurred in New York back in 2012.

Which books you’ve already downloaded to your Kindle for the summer vacation?


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