7 Playboy’s Playmates Re-Enacting Their Magazine Covers After 30 Years!

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The famous Playboy magazine recreated 7 of their covers and you will be shocked to see the results. They are just beautiful! Covers featuring Kimberley Conrad Hefner (1988), Charlotte Kemp (1982), Cathy St. George (1982), Monique St. Pierre (1978), Renee Tenison (1989), Candace Collins (1979), and Lisa Matthews (1990) were recreated by photographers Ben Miller and Ryan Lowry nearly 30 years after the original ones. The beauty of women is truly timeless and is aptly shown in the pictures. As Hugh Hefner once said: “Once a Playmate, always a Playmate”.

#1 Monique St. Pierre, November Playmate 1978

Untitled design (8)

#2 Candace Collins, December Playmate 1979

Untitled design (5)

#3 Cathy St. George, August Playmate 1982

Untitled design (11)

#4 Charlotte Kemp Muhl, December Playmate 1982

Untitled design (10)

#5 Kimberley Conrad Hefner, January Playmate 1988

Untitled design (11)

#6 Reneé Tenison, November 1989 Playmate

Untitled design (7)

#7 Lisa Matthews, April Playmate 1990

Untitled design (6)

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