*Best* Sex Tips According To Your Zodiac!

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Stars do have somethings sexy in store for you. There are many sex tips for you, be it fiery Scorpio, dreamy Pieces or spontaneous Aries. So sex up your bedroom life with these tips according to your zodiac signs:


1. Aries: Take Initiative


Be sure to speak up and tell your partner what you want to be done! You want the benefits of being direct but ou also don’t want to look predictable so be prepared for ‘anytime, anywhere’ approach. Be sure to keep some spontaneity up your sleeve because you get bored easily!

2. Taurus:Take Five-Sense Approach


You usually involve all your senses to it, so make sure to use some scented candles and keep aphrodisiacal diffusers going. You can always add some food into your foreplay by bringing drizzles of chocolate syrup or juicy strawberries into the bedroom.

3. Gemini: Bring Out Your Twin Side


You got that? No? Well, your sign is one of duality so get things rolling in the bedroom by being both submissive and dominant in turns! You love language so make sure to involve some wordplay into your foreplay and afterplay too *wink*. You can always play some sexy game like strip scrabble or Naughty dice game to spice up things.

4. Cancer: For The Love Of Water


You love aquatic environment! So take it to your bathtubs, Jacuzzi or shower and have fun. Water is good but some simple roleplay might add up to your fun.

5. Leo: The Exhibitionist


Try to video tape your act and watch it later. Nothing arouses you more than being watched, you can also try to do something naughty for your partner before doing the deed *if you know what I mean*.

6. Virgo: That Mind Body Connection


Do it with your love and do it when you are totally involved in it! Your body and mind are so well connected that you can simply get turned on by a touch of your lover.

7. Libra: Its All About Balance


If you are dominating in your public life, you will be submissive in bedroom and vice-versa. So it is all about balancing your life for you.

8. Scorpio: Sex Is Power


whether you be submissive or dominating, power play will be your favourite dynamic. Even while being submissive you will reveal in the power of being vulnerable.

9. Sagittarius: Luxury Is A Must


You enjoy luxury like nothing else so be sure to use silk sheets, that sexy lingerie and expensive candles to amp up your sex. Make yourself feel rich and sexy at the same time.

10. Capricorn: Empowered By Control


They have a very wild side hidden behind their stoic image. Get down and dirty with wild and rough sex of all sorts. For you sky is the limit! You would love that submissive or dominant roleplay in bedroom.

11. Aquarius: No Strings Attached


You have the ability to have sex without getting attached. But it doesn’t mean that it is all so casual for you. Nothing turns you on more than shocking your partner, so sneak up on him, seduce him unsuspectingly and let that rebel in you enjoy.

12. Pieces: Dreamland


You go over the board to set the mood. Invest in the right music, lighting and costumes to create a fantasy where you can get lost in the imaginative experience.


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