8 Things You’ll Understand If You Are The Next To Get Married

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Do you log into Facebook and all you see is pictures of newly-wed couples? Is this what’s happening in your family? Are all your elder cousins hitched? If yes, then this is the most relatable post you’ll read today!
This is what happens when you are the ‘next person in line’ to get married in your family-

1. Agla number tera!

The minute your elder cousin gets married, every relative starts to poke you. You will hear “agla number tera” from all your relatives at every family gathering you attend.

2. The achhe rishte

So you stopped going to family gatherings to avoid those relatives? Aww, nice try! But let me tell you, love them or hate them but you can’t ignore them. Your relatives are more interested in getting you hitched than your parents are, and they prove it again and again by finding the “achhe rishte” for you.

3. You start feeling older

You suddenly start feeling older with all those rishtaas coming.

4. You start to take life seriously

With all this happening, you start to think about your life and your priorities seriously. You suddenly start to analyze if you’ve lived the best of your single days or not!

5. Time to tell parents about your boyfriend

If you’ve got a boyfriend, you start thinking about telling your parents about him.

6. Not telling parents about a friend who is getting married

You avoid telling your parents about another friend who is getting married, because you don’t want to have that conversation about getting married with your parents again!

7. Your parents does everything keeping your future in mind

Your parents start to think and talk about everything in future tense. They start saying things like, “khana banana seekh le warna saas kya bolegi” and “go on that trip after you get married“. Basically, your parents tells you to be a good wife even before finding a groom for you.

8. The competition

If some cousin younger than you gets engaged, your parents go crazy. They get in some sort of competitive spirit, and would do everything to get you married before that cousin!


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