9 Girls You’ll Meet On New Year’s Eve

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Apart from celebrating, surviving another shitty year there’s a lot more that happens on New Year’s Party. The real entertainment is by the type of people that attend the party. So here we are presenting the type of girls that you are gonna encounter on this New Year’s Party.

1. The slutty dress wearing girl

She is the who’s there for for drinks and boys. Her dress is gaudy, super tight and disgustingly tight. Her attire shouts out loud *I wanna get laid*.

2. I just broke-up with my boyfriend

I’m sure you don’t want to ask about what really happened, and get stuck in this story for another hour! You will see this woman with a bunch of emotional girlies giving her a shoulder to cry on and in the bathroom re-applying the makeup which is being drowned by her tears repeatedly.

3. The girl whos ‘Too cool’ for boys

too cool for boys
This girl has nothing to do with boys, she’s here to enjoy, dance and chill with her girls. She’s sexy yet conservative, and you’ll see her clicking lots of selfies with her group.

4. The mom

This girl is too practical, you will usually find her in low heels. She might have ditched her glass of champagne by now and is sitting in the corner busy with her phone or trying to find her drunk friends.

5. The frustrated long distance relationship sufferer

Another holiday apart from her love, she’s happy high but missing her guy! She is dressed cutely but in a casual way. She might be seen face timing with her boyfriend or blowing New Year’s kisses on whatsapp!

6. The drunk girl who can’t handle alcohol

drunk girl
Half of the time you don’t even know where this woman is, and when you find her shes totally wasted. She’s dancing and falling and drinking and then throwing it all out.

7. The drama queen

drama queen
She must be seen in high stilettos and a hot dress. She prefers a bottle of wine and a car over vodka shots and uber cab. She will be seen alone most of the times as everyone is just sick of her by now.

8. The one with a time limit

girl next door
She lied to her parents about this party and gave a superb reason to escape. She gotta change before she goes back home, cuz that dress is inappropriate for her parents and she has to reach back by 12am at any cost. Her eyes will be on her watch most of the times.

9. The ‘He’s my boy, stay away from him’ girl

You will see her only with her boyfriend the whole night. Clicking pictures or dancing or kissing him to show all the girls how much they love each other. Too much of cuddly happening. *Poor guy*


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