9 Most Gross Things Everyone Does And Finds Satisfying

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Remember when you were dancing like a maniac at a wedding and everyone was like “WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH HER!“, yes that’s embarrassing. Though everyone of us somewhere and at some point has done that, especially the Nagin Dance. Right, right? Hahaha, have a look at more of stuff you’d done!

1. Picking your nose

We were kids, I totally agree. It’s no big a deal. Every kid has surely picked their nose and everyone behaved so creepy about it (it actually is gross) and embarrassed the hell outa you. *chal koi na kalle beke roi na* (ROFL)

thats ok

2. Silent laughs

Because everyone talks in class, it’s really difficult to keep your mouth shut all the time. So, yes we talk and laugh but we don’t mind keeping it silent. *naughty naughty*

no noise

3. Ignore game

Out of jealousy, envy, sadness or other thousand reasons, we have ignored someone in our life. It’s a birth right to every human being. *oh yeah why not*


4.Shouting in the class

Remember when the teacher was teaching and you were talking and you said it so loud that the whole class shut their mouths and you apparently become the center of attraction for loud talking or almost shouting. Yes, that happened to me too! *sob sob*

no way

5. Threw something at the wrong person

You’re playing cricket with your friends and you have to hit the wickets and it goes behind and strikes an old aunty and now you, my dear friend, are officially screwed! *no worries*

are u kidddding?

6. Sings in the most awkward position

You’re in a mall and you hear your favorite song and your jam comes up and you start singing along, your mom hears you and 5 minutes later, almost everyone in that store can hear you. That’s called overexcitement issues! But no worries! *lol*

no no no no

look at that

7. Tick tick with the pen

Bored of the lecture cause everything goes above your so-called brains. So, eventually you gotta do something and thus you start ticking you pen. TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK. Oh yes, this lecture is not that bad! *hahaha*

tick tick

8. Stare someone for hell long

You’re sitting in the cab and you just notice that really smart guy across the road. You see him, he sees you. Eye contact, whooaa! He continues to go his way, but you hold on to that stare and it makes him uncomfi but you still stare and stare. That’s bad manners.


9. Dancing on the bed

Clock strikes 12 and you’re sleepy and the TV plays your song but you don’t even wanna stand up and dance. So, you start shaking that booty right on the bed and dance. You deserve a bow down. *hips don’t lie*

oh my  my

I knew, you all have done something or the other. It’s too much in our blood to match up with people in one way or another. Share with your friends and get to know what they did best!


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