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You got a planned vacation in a week and your body looks messier than a hoarder’s kitchen cupboard? Don’t worry, we got your back. As we ourselves are  renowned exercise-repellers, we got everything you need to know on how to be beach-ready in no time (sweating’s optional ladies!)

Drinking gallons of water

Studies show that over half of our hunger cravings our mostly misrepresented signs of dehydration. Always having a bottle of water  within reach, each time a hunger pang hits you, you will be reaching for your bottle  and not those formidable cookies.

Apart from saving you from unnecessary, calorie-jammed snacking, water is also the cheapest detoxification agent! Water helps wash out toxins and other harmful substances you feed yourself daily.

Opt for lean protein and minimize carbohydrates

Some days you’re flat, some days you’re puffy. No, your eyes don’t play tricks on you, it’s just the food you eat that makes your belly stick out.

Opting for lean protein such as chicken and turkey instead of white grain products, allows your body to easily process food without that hard for the eyes puffiness.

Smart food substitutions

Don't Forget, games at the beach can burn so many calories too!

Water instead of soda, fruit instead of chips, vinegar instead of heavier salad dressings. Don’t reach for mayonnaise, get mustard or yogurt instead. Replace white carbs with whole grain ones, you started seeing the pattern, didn’t you?

Most importantly: Binge on greens and fruits! If not in summer when? Luscious peaches and juicy watermelons are at their peak right now.

Metabolism Boosting

Another fast trick for a trimmer you in zero time, is pumping up your metabolism  with certain metabolism-boosting food additions.

Think sprinkled cinnamon on your cereal or french toast, extra cayenne pepper on your chicken fillet, and green tea  instead of soda. Such smart substitutions, will give your body the necessary push to burn a few more calories.

Toning up

You don’t need to sweat your body away to get toned. You can get muscle definition without excruciating exercising (just saying that out loud is already exhausting). Having a week is obviously not enough to lose fat or get amazingly toned, but what you can easily achieve is some decent muscle definition.

Mild exercising for about 30 minutes per day is more than enough to awaken your whole body. Awakening your muscles with a whole body exercising routine will force it into giving you that toned look without much hustle (or until you decide to properly hit the gym!).

Few more tips
(Healthy) snacking is a must have last-minute action you need to take. Having healthy, light small snacks in between meals will curb your appetite and prevent you from having larger meals when it’s dinner time.

Getting a (fake) tan is another trick you can easily pull out for feeling all confident and fabulous when you hit the beach. A slightly bronzer you will make you look slimmer and more toned in all the right places.

If everything else fails, there’s always an option for getting the best plus size beach wear.

Any last-minute tricks you would like to share?


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