9 Of Your Habits In 20s That You Might Regret Later

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The 20s is the time of your life when you have a lot on your plate, your graduation, college life, family responsibilities, love life and the list can go on for 2 days. Health is a topic that gets ignored the most and you don’t even feel guilty about it because you do not have time to do that.

What you ignore is the most important thing because it is going to shape your life in later stages. health is the most important concern here. you must take care of it when you can because once the time passes, you can do nothing but bear the consequences of it.

Here are 10 basic habits that you must avoid at all costs to have a healthier future.

1. Smoking

Although you think that smoking ‘socially’ is of no consequence, you might have to face some serious issues due to this habit. Lung disease, heart disease, and cancer, all of these may sound too serious to consider but you must consider them because they are not something to be taken lightly. In addition to that smoking speeds up the appearance of wrinkles and grey hair. So do yourself a favour and quit smoking even if it is ‘Social smoking’ because it has long-lasting effects that you might not be ready to face in future.

2. Too much exposure to the sun

Cumulative sun effects on your body can be harmful. Enjoying the summer days is fun but make sure that you apply sunscreen with at least SPF 15 and carry it with you for timely application. Wrinkles, skin cancer are a few of the problems that the Sun damage can cause.

3. Drinking

Well, most of us think that it is okay to drink on ‘weekends’ but unfortunately your liver does not feel the same way. When you drink of Fridays and Saturdays (women, more than 3 and men more than 5), Your liver works overtime and it cannot detoxify your system and as you age, this ‘weekend drinking’ damages your liver so much that it just cannot cope up with the medicines and you face severely. so, remember, you just have one liver, go easy on the booze!

4. Unprotected sex

One little mistake can cost yo0u your future, dreams and what not! Sounds harsh? Think about HIV, Hepatitis C, STDs, and herpes, these are just a few of them. In the moment, you might feel that it will be for just ‘this one time’ but it might be just that one time which can do the damage and you go down for life because you have to live with these diseases forever!

5. Skipping bed time

Burning candle from both ends can be disastrous for your health. Without enough sleep, your body starts to break down and your brain and body functions are impaired. You might get away with it now but if you do not establish a sleep pattern early then you might suffer from various diseases for a lifetime.

6. Not exercising

Living a non-active lifestyle is a precursor of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Having a proper exercise routine in your 20s can prevent many diseases in your 30s. So, break a leg every once in a while. You can always start slow with a brisk walk for 30 minutes 3 times a week and take it from there.

7. Stressing a lot

Chronic stress has been linked to anxiety, depression, digestive troubles, and more. Try yoga, meditation or breathing techniques to eliminate stress from your life. At the 20s life can be quite stressful with all the things to juggle with but stressing over it will do more damage than good. Staying stress-free might give you better ideas and reasoning to deal with the stuff.

8. Avoiding doctor

You must be thinking why a healthy person should go to doctors, but prevention is better than cure. If you get regular check ups, you will come to know about your health and if there is anything negative, you can work on it when it is in its early stage. This will make the cure easier and you might avoid a big health issue. So stay safe and go for regular health checkups, the normal blood tests, physical exam, etc.

9. Eating junk

When life is crazy, you go crazy with it, eating whatever you want, living out of take-outs, etc. All of it seems normal and not at all unhealthy. Unfortunately, that junk food is full of saturated fat that builds up cholesterol plaque in your heart and the ready to eat food is full of toxic ingredients many times. Ignoring healthy diet can be a direct invitation to future full of diseases. Go for fresh vegetables and fruits, eat a colourful plate and stay healthy.

If you are guilty of any of the above, my friend, it is time to start afresh, start with baby steps, do not go for a drastic change because you will soon relapse. Start by changing a little of one of the habits and the rest will follow!


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