Dream Bedroom Alert: Things Every Girl Would Want In Her Dream Bedroom

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A girl can only dream a lot! We think about anything and everything. We have a really long bucket list, another long shopping list, a list of things we would want at our wedding, at our bestie’s wedding. You name it and we have a list for that. Well we even have a dream bedroom in our mind! That perfect bed, that cute dressing and the perfect reading corner, we think about it all.
You too must have an image of your dream bedroom in your mind right?
Here are a few images from Pinterest that will make you remodel your dream bedroom in your mind!
Have a look:

1. That perfect cozy bed that you have always wanted!

You do not want the bed to be too big or too small, just perfect mix of cozy and girly enough for your room with loads of cushions and fuzzy blanket to finish the look.


2. Your favourite reading nook

We love to read, so a reading nook is a must where we can fantasize about that romantic hero from a novel and blush all we want. A fuzzy bean bag or may be a classy chair will do the job or maybe you need a canopy tent! *dreamy sigh*



3. Your Dressing Table

This is the place where a girl spends loads of her time, so it must reflect her choices. Design it with your favourite accessories. You can go for Dressing wardrobe or a table.


4. Your Guilty Pleasure: Closet

This is the place which can never have enough space for all the shopping that gets done. A perfectly organised closet which is neither too big nor too small with cute look is perfectly chic.

5. Study Space?

Well most of the time we do it on bed coz we are lazy just like that! But sometimes we need to get some real work done and we need proper ‘tools’ for that so we can go with study table or even a wardrobe for that matter.


6. Wall Decor

You don’t want to over do your room so a simple classy chic wall decor will do.

7. Your Hiding Spot: Bathroom

This must be a place with minimal things and small hint of color but otherwise white, to give it a more neat and tidy look.



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