Motherhood Is No Less than a Miracle and These Facts Prove That

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Motherhood is something so beautiful and pure, the emotions, the feelings and what the mother and the child go through from the start to the end is something amazing. Carrying a child inside you is tough and those 9 months are full of hardship but the things do not end after 9 months. There are many facts related to motherhood that is not known to people generally. Pregnancy and motherhood are helpful for a woman even after she gives birth. It is truly a wonder how one thing is related to the other and the hardship that the mother goes through, come back to her in the form of many benefits after the birth.

Let’s see what are these facts.

1. You literally carry your child in your heart forever

After child birth, women go through a condition called microchimerism, a condition in which women harbour cells that originated in their children even decades after birth. These fetal cells go and collect in the heart, brain and everywhere a woman can think of. These cells are believed to cure heart diseases and also help to prevent cancer. So in some ways, your child gives you a lifetime protection and they literally are a part of you, all your life.

2. Breastfeeding is you making medicine for your child

When the baby is breastfeeding, then a process occurs which is called baby backwash, this process helps the body to adjust the breast milk according to the immune status of the baby. So this way, the breasts produce milk in accordance with the immunity status of the baby. The same process occurs when the mother kisses her baby, yes, that’s right! I am not going into scientific terms but if you want, you can read it here.

3. Your hearts beat together

it is tested and proved that the babies synchronise their heartbeat with that of their father and mother. A baby’s heartbeats are faster then that of an adult but it is proved that a mother and baby duo hits more heart beat than any other pair.

4. Your voice is as effective as your hug

When your child is under stress or upset, they come to you for guidance and your words uplift their mood. here, it is not only about the words that you say but about your voice. It is the voice of a mother that the child hears even before coming into this world, so that voice is proved to have calming effects on the child in the same fashion as a hug would do.

5. Your babies name you

yes, ‘Ma’ is the first syllable that a baby can vocalise in any language of the world. In Chinese it is mama, Spanish it is mama too, English it is mom. So basically in every language, it is the same syllable with different accents.


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