Kareena Kapoor Khan Mom-Shamed For Going to the Gym Without Taimur. This is Shocking!

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This is not at all new to shame celebrities in different ways and for different concepts. This time they figured out a new one and that’s called not body, not slut but mommy-shaming! Wow, 3 cheers for their creativity. Before they shamed Meera Rajput for not hiding after her delivery and now they are shaming Kareena for showing up at a gym? Why can’t anyone put a break on these double standard practices? I mean why? Why being a woman is so difficult in our country. She has delivered a baby not sacrificed her life.




Kareena Kapoor Khan told the reporters that,

“If she is going to the gym it is not to get into a size zero, I read these shaming comments, especially by women and she felt that is the most stupid thing ever because a mother does not have to sacrifice her freedom to be happy.”


She also said,

“You can only take care of your child when you yourself are feeling good”


The actress spoke at the launch of Rujuta Diwekar’s book “Pregnancy Notes” on Saturday evening. There she was asked about the pressure of carrying a baby weight to which Kareena responded saying that it is very normal and natural thing to happen.


Absolutely, Kareena! We agree with you. Women should empower other women and should understand the each and everyone has a different lifestyle which should be respected.


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