5 Food Myths That You Need To Immediately Stop Believing In

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When it comes to eating, everyone is ready to give you their own piece of advice all the time. Some of the pieces of advice are quite contradictory to what you know and so you become confused about what to believe in. Sometimes, you follow the worst piece of advice and cause more harm to your body than good.

So here are a few of the ‘bits of advice’ given to you by people that you should NOT follow!

1. Do not eat egg yolk

Saturated fats are the fats that are unhealthy for the body and not dietary cholesterol. So even if the egg is high in dietary cholesterol, it is low in saturated fat. Thus, making it healthy for the body and yes, I am talking about whole egg- including the yolk.


2. Coffee dehydrates you

Coffee is a diuretic (producing urine) but it is very mild one at that. It has more water content in it and also counts in your daily fluid intake. And if anyone becomes dehydrated by drinking coffee then that person has probably had more coffee than suggested. If you are having a cup or two per day, then there is no harm in it!

3. Natural sugar and added sugar are different

Sugar at the molecular level is same in both natural or added form. The sugar in an apple is same as added sugar. The only difference is how our body breaks it down. when you have a juice or honey, etc, then sugar in it comes with fibres and minerals which help in slow digestion and prevents your blood sugar level from rising. while when added separately to a drink, it actually increases your blood sugar level.

4. Organic food is healthy

Nowadays people believe that whatever comes with the tag of organic is automatically healthy for you. Whether you have organic chocolate or organic butter, it is still chocolate and butter. organic snacks are also snacks. So it is not healthy to over indulge in ‘organic’ snacks or food because the organic food might be less dirty or might be less exposed to chemicals but is still has the same amount of sugar, fat and empty calories in it as any normal food would.

5. Low-fat version of food is better

Fat is also important for the body, it keeps you full and your mind and body satisfied. So if you are having fat-free versions of food then you are doing more harm to your body than good. When having full-fat food, it is better to watch the quantity of your food. Having smaller proportions of full-fat food is better than having a large proportion of low-fat food.


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