8 *New* Ways To Wear Saree This Festive Season

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Saree is one of the ethnic attires for the Indian women and in these modern days, we tend to love wearing these traditional attires on the festive occasions. They let us revel in the whole traditional feel of our culture and double our excitement for the same. Whether it a wedding or a festival, we are crazy about our sarees.

So, here are a few of the new ways to drape a saree to give you that unique look, where you feel modern yet traditional and are confident about being yourself.

Pick the style that makes you feel more ‘you’

1. Saree with a belt

In the Lakme fashion week 2017, the trend to wear a belt with your saree was seen and has been in vogue since then. Give yourself an edge with this look, it will accentuate your waist and also make you stand out. You can also play with your choice of the blouse with this one!

2. Saree with jegging

This one will again give you a very modern look. It will bring out your bold personality as the outfit will speak for itself and you will be more confident than ever while wearing it. Match your blouse with your jeggings or leggings or even jeans and wear a saree in contrast with both and you have a stunning outfit.

3. Saree with crop top

This is for those of us who are still not able to get over those cute crop tops. Pair a simple yet elegant saree with a cute crop top and you can be that indo-western chic in the family functions or the community functions, etc.

4. Saree with angrakha

“Winter is coming” and we still want to wear saree for your bestie’s wedding, bow down to the Goddes of fashion, the style icon, the diva, Sonam Kapoor. She innovates fashion like no other. Wear a matching angrakha with your saree just like she did and you can wear a saree in December or January weddings without the fear of getting cold or without compromising with fashion! Cheers to that!
You can also wear the saree with a jacket or a coat for a glamorous look.

5. Saree with cape

Well, this has become one of the IT looks with the sarees, you get an elegant saree with nice work, a blouse with all that heavy detailings and pair it up with a sheer cape and voila, you have a perfectly glamorous outfit!

6. Saree in scarf style

This is a very chic way to wear a saree in winters. Just drape the pallu in the pattern of a scarf around your neck where it falls like a jewellery! The double print saree will work best for this one where one kind of print is draped as saree and the second type comes around your neck as a scarf.

7. Saree with peplum blouse

This is again a very easy choice for you, you can simply pair your saree with a peplum blouse and wear it like that. The peplum blouse will make your waist look thinner and you can wear it in style to your choice of function! However, make sure to wear your saree in pleats to get the perfect look of the blouse!

8. Saree with a dupatta

Didn’t you just love it when Sonam Kapoor made wearing saree with a dupatta, the talk of the town? It was amazing, you just need to add a heavy embellished dupatta and wrap it around your neck or hands over your saree and it is done! The key is to know what kind of dupatta would go with the saree, if the pallu is heavy, go for light dupatta and vice-versa.


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