Eyebrow Wig Stick-On: Latest Beauty Trend!

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Makeup and beauty industry is one of the most revolutionary industry, it is an everyday occurrence now that when you open your Instagram account, you find one or the other latest makeup or beauty trend. SOme of those are bizarre while some are good and long lasting. But the perfection and love with which the makeup artists showcase the trend are infectious.

It was just a few days back when you started to feel good about knowing how to shape your brows properly, there is a new trend in town!

Yes, ladies, there is the latest trend of having stick-on eyebrows. The trend of having thick luscious eyebrows started some time back and ladies went crazy over getting thicker eye brows. It was the only thing that the women desired and now the industry has come up with a solution for the women who are unable to get thicker eye brows naturally.

After brow powder, brow wax and even brow stamp, it is time for brow wig!

Brow wig is a life saver for those who have scanty eyebrows.

The first brow wig was posted by a makeup artist Hung Vanngo

#sold 😂

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The wig is available in various shaped and human hair are stuck on a silicon base. First, you need to exfoliate the area and then stick on the wig, this needs to be done to remove the excess oil so that the silicon base can stick properly.

It was only a practise for cancer patients but now is a raging trend!


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