Secret Sexual Fantasies Shared By Girls! Interesting Read!

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Though we have encouraged a lot to people about the awareness of healthy sexual drives, but still it’s a shame that girls still do not find it easy to open up about it! A girl actually discussed a fantasy and broke up later, cuz the guy said he will never be able to look at her again, the same way. These are some secret confessions that we hope, girls are actually comfortable to talk about some day!!

1. Having Him Finish On My Face

A lot of girl claimed this fact, that they loved or would love to have a guy come on their faces after a hot steamy session. But some girls are too shy to ask for it, and their boyfriends are not that types. Lucky ones have the guys, who don’t even have to ask for it, they just get it.

2. The Rape Fantasy

Do not misinterpret this. This means a little harsh and forced sex in a fun and kinky way. Girls claim that when they are not in mood, and when the guy tries to seduce them and have forced sex (not in creepy, violent way, but fun,sassy and hard way), it’s damn sexy! Well!! No wonder *fantasizing already* lol

3. A Threesome

Yes! This is actually a fetish of a lot of girls have, to have a threesome with either 2 boys or 1 boy 1 girl, but the attention should all be towards her when there is another girl in action. I must say, it really is a brave and super duper kinky fetish.

4. Being Dominated

Remember 50 shades of grey? Yes exactly the same!!

5. Having Their Boyfriend Watch Them With Another Man In Action

This girls says that maybe she’s really into voyeurism, and having her boyfriend watch her with someone else is the biggest turn on. I’m sure it is A TURN ON for you! But god bless your boy friend!! LOL!!

6. Having Sex With A Woman

This girl already claims to be in a relatioship, but she would like to explore a woman alone. She loves watching woman porn too! But she isn’t really sure of how to tell to her bf, that she want’s to cheat on him…..WITH A WOMAN!!!!

7. Public Sex

Her husband is super conservative, and she’s dying to tell him about her fetish to have sex with him somewhere in public (not to be seen by anyone precisely, but just doing it in some exciting public place). She thinks the idea of getting caught by someone in such position is pretty much a turn on!! Hmmm *short of words*

8. Seeing Their Guy With Another Man In Action

All she wants is to see a hot guy going down on her boyfriend. This is all she wants in this life!! She also knows that she’s never going to get it, because she way too much of a pussy to ever tell anyone except some randoms on the internet. Cmon girl, dare to do it 😉

9. Dominating A Man

50 shades of grey? The other way round basically!

10. Getting Involved With A Young Guy And Teaching Him How To Please A Woman

As this girls gets close to her 30s, she wants to encounter with some guy still in his teenage, and teach him everything her way! If you know what I mean!!!


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