What Happens in The Ladies Coach of The Delhi Metro!

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Ever wondered what happens in other people’s life at the same time as yours? Just hop in the ladies coach of metro and all your wondering will come to an end. Here you’ll get to see multiple channels at one time with full volume!
You’ll meet different kinds of people in metro every time you board in one but here are some which you will definitely encounter more than once:

1. The one who is always eyeing for your seat and is ready to jump in as soon as you get up

Like a serial killer


2. Other girls who pass silent judgment about the clothes that you are wearing

Hmm Nice shoes but tacky bag.

I am dancing in my head.

3. The aunty who thinks of metro as her bedroom and talks to her relatives and announcing it to everybody else in the metro

Haanji kal he kidney ka operation hua tha, haan chachi ki beti bhaag gyi..


4. The Sleepy heads, sleeping with their mouth open Zzzz…

Wake me up when it’s all over

5. Aunties with their annoying kids

*never stops crying*


6. The loud gossiping college girls



7. The I-woke-up-late-so-i’ll-get-ready-in-the-metro girls

‘Cuz imma Work bitch

giphy (1)

8. Sanskari aunties listening to bhajan on their smartphone and with bhajan as their ringtone!

Radhe radhe radhe barsaane wali radhe


9. The heavy shoppers- with bag full of clothes from chandni chowk and sarojini complementing with sweats.

Cherry on the cake.
giphy (2)

10. The one who’ll ask you for “thoda sa space” but take up the whole seat

Thoda ya poora?



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