Who is Chopping off Girls’ Hair In The Capital? Mysterious Incidents are Happening!

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At least 15 incidents of women’s hair which were braided, being mysteriously chopped off were reported from the villages of the Mewat region in last two weeks. Women have also claimed that they are not able to see the face of the criminal because most of them get unconscious. Plenty of superstitions regarding the incident is also making headlines. People are also blaming supernatural things for the incident. Recently, one such incident was reported from Gurgaon. Sunita Devi, a resident of Ashok Vihar phase-III area, approached the police, she claimed that on the night of July 28 she was attacked by a strange-looking man, in his 60s, when she was alone in her house. She narrated the incidence,

“While I was preparing food in the kitchen, I saw a skinny man in a reddish outfit on the entrance of the house. When I went to ask, I saw he was carrying a tool. I told him to go away. He went away and disappeared only to reappear,” she claimed.


While police is claiming that these women are chopping their hair off themselves, they are also searching on the whole matter.



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